Become a Producer!

Have a great idea for a show?  Here’s what we recommend! 

Step One: Go to our Events List and sign up for our FREE Orientation. During the orientation, you’ll gain a better understanding of how we operate and which classes you’ll need to take.

Step Two: When you’ve completed the Orientation, purchase a MetroEast Membership and sign up for any of the workshops that best fit your production needs. You’ll probably want to start with the “basic” workshops. 

Step Three: As soon as you’ve completed your workshop(s), you are certified to check-out/use the gear on which you’ve just been trained. In order to do so, you must first fill out a Producer Info form and pay an Equipment Fee if it’s not included in your membership. 


Easy as 1, 2, 3. Now you can make the production of your dreams! 


Please note: If you are only submitting programming for our channels and have no intention of using our gear or facilities to make your show, all we need you to do is attend our free orientation and provide us with your contact information for our records.  Then you are good to go!

For assistance, please contact the Equipment Room at (971) 277-6723.